Tucson’s First Nano-Brewery

When I was thinking about getting a personalized license plate for my truck a number of years ago, I knew I wanted an Arizona State plate first and foremost to help the student athletes and secondly I wanted to honor a true hero and ASU legend that I share my birthday with – Pat Tillman. His number at ASU was 42 and many different versions of his number were taken and then I got crafty, my license plate is XLII or 42 in Roman Numerals.  When I met J.P. Vyborny, the head brewer at Ten Fifty-Five Brewery a couple weeks ago at the Great Tucson Beer Festival, I originally thought that they were using insider police information as a 10-55 is code for possible DUI, don’t ask me how I know that. After doing some research, I learned that he named the brewery after his late brother whose initials are MLV or 1055 in Roman Numerals. He was instrumental in bringing Chris and J.P. together and they now brew in his honor. Here I thought I was the only crafty one, but they took it a step further.

Keep on Meme-ing

A nano-brewery is often described as having less than 4 US beer barrels brew system, Ten Fifty-Five will have a three barrel system that can produce 100 gallons at a time. They are hoping to have their tasting room open to the public sometime next month in the industrial park next to the original Nimbus Brewery at 3810 E. 44th St. Their philosophy is simple as stated on their Facebook page:

“We want to put good beer in reach of those that want to enjoy it, and help nurture the developing brew culture in Tucson. We want to make beer for beer drinkers like us; adventurous beer drinkers that are just as likely to try something new as they are an old favorite. We are committed to the idea of the local nano-brewer; a small batch company using fresh ingredients and open minds to make some great tasting brew. Look for us soon, we’ll be looking for you.”

I had a great time talking to J.P. about beer at the beer festival and look forward to tasting his creations and in turn honoring his brother. The listing of their beers sound incredible and I, for one am looking to try their staple beers as well as many new and inventive creations. Again from their Facebook page:

42 Hand-Burned Tap Handles – My Favorite Number

Sugar Skull Chocolate Milk Stout – Built on a solid milk stout recipe we’ll be adding free trade Ecuadorian Cacao nibs and Tahitian vanilla. My grandmother loves this easy drinking stout.

Lazy Duck American Wheat – This crisp wheat beer is refreshingly light for its style, perfect for a hot Tucson summer. The use of torrified wheat makes for a dry, crackery finish.

Leap Pale Ale – This flagship brew will be a craft beer drinker’s favorite. This beer makes good use of flavorful American hop varieties, but is gentle enough to appeal to non-hop-heads.

Two Suns Citra IIPA – This brew is a hop-head’s dream! The Citra hop variety lends bright, tropical citrusy notes, and is well complemented by the rich, slightly sweet background. This is an all-around big beer, in every way.

The Milk Stout and Double IPA are going to be the first ones I try, but I assume that the Pale will be a great session ale and the wheat will be perfect for the hot Arizona summers. It is so promising to hear and see so many craft brewers joining the market here in Tucson, as far as I am concerned, the more breweries the better and I look forward to many new nano-breweries opening their doors and allowing the good people of Tucson to taste great beer.


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