Tucson’s Brainy Beauties

The year was 2004 and David Freedman was a senior studying business at a school world renowned for its bevy of beautiful women that wear as little as possible to class due to the hot desert climate. Freedman’s entrepreneurial spirit led him to start Tempe 12 at Arizona State University wherein he would select a group of the campus’ hottest women for a purpose. He knew that if he had a dozen of these beautiful women to model and promote for local businesses, everybody would benefit; the ladies, the businesses, the student body and the community.

The selection process was simple, the ladies would either self nominate or be nominated by another with three criterion; a current full-time student, a 3.0 minimum grade point average and a desire to help the community through promotions and philanthropic events with the only payment being the knowledge of being the best and brightest on campus.

After six years of building a successful brand at Arizona State, Freedman took his idea down south to the Old Pueblo and began Tucson 12 and the women were beating down his proverbial door to represent the Wildcats and the Tucson community. Freedman has expanded into San Diego this year and will announcing the inaugural San Diego 12 in the coming weeks, good luck to all the hopefuls in my hometown.

The newest group of 12s was recently announced in Tucson and their coming out party was to be a party for the ages. The venue was the recently renovated, remodeled and renamed Social House-SoHo across the street from Arizona stadium. Thursday nights on any college campus are usually super busy so that made this party extra crazy. When I arrived and tried to speak with Freedman, he was running around the club making sure everything was perfect for his next crop of ladies to be introduced to the community, but I finally captured some time to meet with him and ultimately the girls.

After interviewing all of the ladies, I noticed that all of them were very well-spoken and extremely polite as well as incredibly gorgeous – Freedman may well have the best job ever! The ladies ranged in age from 18 to 22 and hailed from across the country and even Puerto Rico. From Louisiana to Chicago, San Francisco to Las Vegas, even local Tucson and metropolitan Phoenix girls, these ladies will be a great addition to the community as they embark on several events in the upcoming year.

With such stunning beauty, you might assume that these ladies were looking to get by on their looks alone…and you would be wrong. Bear in mind that the minimum GPA for a 12 is 3.0 and many of the girls are above 3.5 so it was not surprising to hear about their lofty goals and dream jobs. Seanise Hawkins is a Pre-Business & Marketing major that is a member of the Blue Chip Leadership Program and aspires to be a political advisor. Lydia Sampson is a Psychology major and works with Best Buddies designed to assist those with intellectual and developmental disabilities and plans to become an Air Force officer upon graduation. Julia Peerenboom is also a Psychology major that works with Girls on the Run that inspires young girls to be joyful, healthy & confident; she is heading to Grand Canyon University in Phoenix for graduate school and plans on being a Pediatric nurse.

Julia & Nicole

One of my favorite ladies of the evening was Leah Goedecke who is double majoring in Veterinary Sciences and Nutritional Sciences and is an amateur boxer, yes – a boxer. She plans on continuing boxing and helping people and animals, what a great spirit. One of the most common responses among the other 12’s was to enter the media upon graduation, there are myriad opportunities for intelligent women with stunning beauty and I can’t wait to see these girls follow in the footsteps of U of A graduate Alex Flanagan.

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