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First Taste of New Mexico’s “La Cumbre Brewing Co.”

The prize jewel from the Land of Enchantment will soon be available in Arizona.

Both Tap & Bottle locations will host launch parties on Friday the 13th to celebrate Tucson’s first release of beer from New Mexico’s La Cumbre Brewing Co.

While the best brewery in a state is mostly a subjective matter, some breweries hold the best title more convincingly in some states: Read more >>>

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Inaugural Sour Fest this weekend at Tap & Bottle in Tucson

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TUCSON, Ariz. — The latest rage in the craft brew industry is the onset of sour beers. These beers are exactly what they sound like, ales brewed and fermented to give a notable sour taste and aroma. The highly acidic beers can range in color from golden to brown with a low to medium hop bite. Unlike traditional brewing, sour beers are made by allowing wild yeast strains into the brew.

The most common strains are Lactobacillus, Bretannomyces and Pediococcus while tart fruits like cherries and raspberries are sometimes added during the aging process to activate a secondary fermentation.

Tucson’s very own Tap and Bottle at 403 North 6th Ave. is celebrating the sour beer this weekend with the inaugural sour fest.  Co-owners Scott and Rebecca Safford, who opened up the craft and beer tasting room last June with the hopes of creating a community where one could sample local, regional and national craft beer and wine in a relaxing and creative atmosphere.

The Sour Fest begins with a class entitled Sour 101 at 11 a.m. and continues with a tasting of bottle tasting at 1:30 p.m. Later in the afternoon, the Destihl Brewery will take over with eight separate beers on tap.

Sunday will offer a brewers panel at noon with local brewers explaining how to brew sours at noon. Another sour bottle tasting will be at 3 p.m. as well as a sour tap takeover at 5 pm.

The following is a list of beers that will be available so make your way to Tap & Bottle this weekend to expand your flavor palette and immerse yourself in sour beers—Pucker Up!

(Bold denotes local Tucson beer)


  • New Belgium La Folie

    New Belgium La Folie

    Destihl Counter Clockweisse – Easy drinking, hints of lemon and pleasantly tart

  • Destihl Gose – Bright, citrus, salty, refreshingly sour.
  • Destihl Flemish Amber – Rich, malty, hints of oak, and wild lactic sourness. 
  • Destihl Flanders Red  – Sweet-sour, complex, lots of dark fruits, slight caramel.
  • Destihl Adam Bier  – Exotic malt profile, figs, and hints of citric acid. 
  • Destihl Black Berliner Weisse – Slight roast, nicely attenuated, and all the more sour. 
  • Destihl Sour Apple – Tart apple skin, boatloads of funk, slightly sweet.
  • Destihl Sour Strawberry – Tart strawberry and lemon, crisp, with a funky finish.
  • Petrus Aged Pale – Bright, apple skins, hints of wood, crip finish, mild sourness. 
  • Monks Cafe Flemish Red – Slightly sweet, mild complexity, lactic body, tart finish. 
  • Rodenbach Grand Cru – Delicate, semi-sweet, dark fruits, acetic finish. 
  • New Belgium La Folie – Malty, sharp lactic sourness, funk on the nose. 
  • Jolly Pumpkin Madrugada Obscura  – Bright, citrus, salty, refreshingly sour.
  • Professor Fritz Briem Berliner Weisse – Crisp, refreshing, mild funk, easy sour finish. 
  • Unity Vibration KPA – Funkmaster, vinegar, hoppy bouquet, complex finish.  
  • Dragoon Daisy – Funky citrus nose, wild, crisp, tart finish. 
  • Duchesse De Bourgogne – Lots of balsamic vinegar, oak, dates, mild lactic sour finish. 
  • Upslope/Crooked Stave Ferus Fluxxus – Amazing


  • Monk's Cafe Flemish Red

    Monk’s Cafe Flemish Red

    New Belgium Love  – Sour and juicy, berries, oak, and hints of balsalmic vinegar. 

  • Monks Cafe Flemish Red – Slightly sweet, mild complexity, lactic body, tart finish.
  • Borderlands Citrana  – Loads of citrus, wild nose, devastatingly refreshing. 
  • Uinta Birthday Suit – Barnyard nose, nice tart body, complex finish.
  • Strubbe’s Grand Cru – Semi-dry, leather, caramel, mild lactic finish. 
  • Dragoon Daisy – Funky citrus nose, wild, crisp, tart finish
  • Iron Johns Sour Xmas
  • Iron Johns Collins Folly
  • Iron Johns Beared Mary 
  • Duchesse De Bourgogne – Lots of balsamic vinegar, oak, dates, mild lactic sour finish.
  • Sentinel Peak Berlinner Weisse
  • Struise Welzmertz Blond Stout