New Depth Chart for ASU Football Spring Game and Beyond

sparky NSDArizona State football completed its 12th of 15 spring practices on Thursday and is looking forward to the annual Maroon and Gold Spring game on Saturday, April 12.

Head coach Todd Graham has had a good, long look at his squad and announced the depth chart for the offense, defense and special teams on Wednesday. The lineups will be used in the Spring Game on Saturday and will be a building block heading into the 2013 season.

The biggest battles will be at the wide receiver and linebacker positions, in which the Sun Devils signed the bulk of their players.

Here it is, the positional breakdown for the 2013 Arizona State Sun Devils football squad.


asu qbsTaylor Kelly

  • Redshirt Junior
  • 6’2″, 203 pounds
  • Eagle, Idaho

Mike Bercovici

  • Redshirt Sophomore
  • 6’1″, 202 pounds
  • Calabasas, Calif.

Michael Eubank

  • Redshirt Sophomore
  • 6’6″, 246 pounds
  • Corona, Calif.

Tyler Cohan

  • Sophomore
  • 6’3″, 195 pounds
  • Santa Cruz, Calif.

After a hard-fought battle with Eubank and Bercovici in training camp last season, Taylor Kelly has cemented himself as the starter for Todd Graham and the Sun Devils.

Michael Eubank was named the backup to Kelly and saw time in every game last year, scoring eight touchdowns.

Mike Bercovici utilized his redshirt season and has thoroughly impressed the coaches and received the backup nod—for now.

Running Backs

griceMarion Grice

  • Senior
  • 6’0″, 204 pounds
  • Houston, Texas

D.J. Foster

  • Sophomore
  • 5’11”, 225 pounds
  • Scottsdale, Ariz.

Deantre Lewis

  • Redshirt Junior
  • 5’11”, 188 pounds
  • Norco, Calif.

Terrell Davis

  • Redshirt Freshman
  • 6’0″, 232 pounds
  • Victoria, B.C., Canada

Marcus Washington

  • Redshirt Junior
  • 6’0″, 208 pounds
  • Phoenix, Ariz.

Look for Grice and Foster in the backfield for most snaps with Lewis coming in as the third back. Like the quarterback position, nobody new will be joining in the fall.

Wide Receivers

ozierX Receiver

  • Kevin Ozier (RS SR)
  • Alonzo Agwuenu (RS SR)

Y Receiver

  • Gary Chambers (RS SO)
  • Blake Covey (SO)

Z Receiver

  • Richard Smith (SO)
  • Frederick Gammage (RS FR)
  • Daniel Groebner (SO)

A good snapshot of the wide receivers in camp already, also on the list are Jordan Gatson at the X and Byron Thomas and the Z, however, it is doubtful that they will see the field in the fall. The new additions that will be joining in the fall are:

  • Jaelen Strong (RS SO)
  • Joseph Morris (JR)
  • Ellis Jefferson (FR)
  • Cameron Smith (FR)
  • Ronald Lewis (FR)

H-Back and Tight End


  • Chris Coyle (RS SR)
  • Billy Davis (RS SO)

Tight End

  • Darwin Rogers (SR)
  • Kody Kohl (RS FR)
  • Alex Bykovskiy (RS SO)

The Sun Devils offense usually runs a H-Back as well as a tight end and Coyle led the pack out of the H-Back position in 2012. Joining the fray in the fall are redshirt junior transfer De’Marieya Nelson and freshman Grant Martinez.

Offensive Line

olineLeft Tackle

  • Evan Finkenberg (RS SR)
  • Evan Goodman (SO)

Left Guard

  • Sil Ajawara (RS JR)
  • Devin Goodman (RS SO)


  • Kody Koebensky (SR)
  • Nick Kelly (SO)
  • Stephon McCray (RS FR) injured

Right Guard

  • Vi Teofilo (RS SO)
  • Mo Latu (RS SO)
  • Christian Westerman (RS SO) transfer

Right Tackle

  • Jamil Douglas (RS JR)
  • Tyler Sulka (RS JR)
  • Chip Sarafin (RS JR)

A veteran offensive line with only one incoming freshman in Jack Powers. It has yet to be determined if Auburn transfer Westerman will be able to play this fall, but it looks promising after Gene Chizik’s alleged wrongdoings.

Defensive Line

Will SuttonDefensive Tackle

  • Jaxon Hood (SO)
  • Sean O’Grady (RS SO)


  • Will Sutton (RS SR)
  • Jake Sheffield (SR)

Defensive End

  • Gannon Conway (RS SR)
  • Davon Coleman (SR)
  • Junior Onyeali (SR) injured
  • Kisima Jagne (FR) injured

The defensive end position is the biggest battle coming into season with three seasoned veterans battling for the position. Joining the fray this fall will be junior transfer Marcus Hardison, junior transfer Demetrius Cherry and freshman Corey Smith.



  • Chris Young (SR) or Anthony Jones (RS SR)
  • Dwain Bradshaw (SR)
  • Brandon Matthews (SR)
  • Andres Garcia (SR)

super carlDEVIL

  • Carl Bradford (RS JR)
  • Kipeli Koniseti (SR)
  • Jason Franklin (RS SO)
  • Chans Cox (FR) injured


  • Steffon Martin (SR)
  • Salamo Fiso (RS FR)


  • Grandville Taylor (RS SR) or Chris Young (SR)
  • Matthew Rowe (RS FR)
  • Carlos Mendoza (RS FR) injured

The most stacked position on the defense and the team. They are several linebackers that will not see playing time, not because of their abilities but because it is so deep. New arrivals this fall are:

  • Nathaniel Brinker (FR)
  • Antonio Longino (RS SO)
  • Viliami Latu (FR)
  • Alani Latu (FR)
  • Eriquiel Florence (JR)


adarbyBoundary Corner

  • Osahon Irabor (RS SR)
  • Rashad Wadood (RS SO)
  • Marlon Pollard (SR)

Field Corner

  • Robert Nelson (RS SR)
  • Rashad Wadood (RS SO)
  • Llyod Carrington (RS JR)

Boundary Safety

  • Alden Darby (SR)
  • Shane McCullen (SR)
  • Laiu Moeakiola (RS FR)
  • Jordan Simone (SR)

Field Safety

  • Laiu Moeakiola (RS FR)
  • Ezekiel Bishop (RS SO)
  • Luke Williams (RS SO)
  • Marcus Mehlhaf-Brown (JR)

Another area of good depth for the Sun Devils with more on the way, including:

  • William Early—Cornerback (FR)
  • James Johnson—Safety (FR)
  • Solomon Means—Cornerback (RS SO)
  • Damarious Randall—Cornerback (RS JR)

Special Teams


  • Dom Vizzare (RS SO)
  • Sean Conaway (SO)


  • Alex Garoutte (RS JR)

Field Goals

  • Jon Mora (RS JR)
  • Parker Flynn (RS JR)

Kick Returner

  • DJ Foster (SO)
  • Marion Grice (SR)
  • Richard Smith (SO)

Kick Returner

  • Richard Smith (SO)
  • Robert Nelson (RS SR)
  • Alden Daeby (SR)

Long Snapper

  • Easton Wahlstrom (SO)
  • Donnie Shields (SO)


  • Alex Garoutte (RS JR)
  • Mike Bercovici (RS SO)

This is the one area that will change the most with incoming freshman Matt Haack to take on the punting duties and freshman Zane Gonzalez to battle for the full-time field goal kicker position.

Sun Devil Football Fan Fest

T-CupThis Saturday, April 12 will be the first time to see how these new lineups will mesh and play together.

The Maroon and Gold Spring Game starts at 11 a.m. PT and will be broadcast on the Pac-12 Network. Prior to the game will be a Sun Devil Cook-Off where tailgate meals will be be judged by an esteemed Sun Devil panel of judges.

For the kids, there will also be a Kids Zone where kids can interact and connect with Sun Devil athletics. These events will take place on the southern end of Sun Devil Stadium and adjacent parking lots.

Once inside, fans will have ample opportunities to take pictures with the Rose Bowl trophy, Territorial Cup, Victory Bell and legendary Sun Devils.

This is going to be a spectacular way for fans to feel a part of the great tradition of Arizona State football and give the younger generation a taste of the storied past as well as the promising future.

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