Jane’s MF’in Addiction

When I arrived at the Tucson Music Hall and received my ticket, I was delighted to see my section was MF…naturally, I thought I was in the hardcore section so I was stoked. Upon speaking to others, it became evident that everybody was in the section – Main Floor. Needless to say, it was a great MF’in concert.



The theater goes dark and the ominous “Welcome to the Machine” by Pink Floyd begins playing and green chaser lights cut through the dense smoke and the spectacle that is The Great Escape Artist is underway. They begin with Underground from their latest album and ripped right into one of my favorites – Mountain Song. Perry then made some quips about the Arizona heat and that made me proud to say that I am a true Desert Denizen and didn’t really notice the heat.

The extravagance of the show was above & beyond anything I have seen in a while with dancing burlesque girls & three 8-foot screens showing the creepiest of the creepy at any given time including several bondage scenes and plenty of ass-smacking during “Ted, Just Admit It…” to prove that Sex is Violent and Nothing’s Shocking.

They mixed up the setlist quite well with four songs each off of their major hit albums Nothing’s Shocking & Ritual de lo Habitual while playing three off their new release with Chip Away & Whores off of their self-titled album & Just Because off of Strays.

The coolest part of the show for me was after playing Ted… they had a stage change and brought out couches, kettle & steel drums and played relaxed songs Twisted Tales & Classic Girl… I felt I was transformed from a concert hall to a living room. Of course,  the crowd went ballistic once they heard the banging on the steel drum to perform the Kettle Whistle version of Jane Says. They finished with Ocean Size and came back for a two song encore including Whores and Stop!

The band seem so into the crowd and were clean, crisp and right on target when it came to playing the new songs as well as the old. Perry & Dave were quite interactive with the crowd, high-fiving, shaking hands and even allowing a female admirer to dance with Perry for a good 30 seconds before she gave him a kiss and walked off stage on her own accord. All in all, I was so glad to see them last night because the past two times I have seen them, Perry was so zonked out that he couldn’t remember his name much less the lyrics to his songs and that was truly a shame. A great show although I would have loved to hear classics like Three Days, Pigs in Zen, Had a Dad and my all-time favorite song that I have never heard live, I Would For You.


Jane’s Addiction in Tucson 5/31/12

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