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World of Beer to Open 30th Location in Tempe

Beer-vana, Beer Mecca, Beer-adise…all have been used to describe the upcoming opening of Tempe’s World of Beer. After a couple setbacks, the location at 526 S. Mill Ave is finally set to officially open it’s doors on Wednesday, August 8th.

Upon arrival, you might be shocked to see just how many “craft brews” there are not only at World of Beer, but how many are cropping up across the nation. World of Beer will feature approximately 520 bottles of beer in their coolers, rotating out 40 on a regular basis. They currently have 58 beers on tap and will rotate those out daily but will always maintain at least 20 locally brewed Arizona beers on tap at all time. But here is the best reason to check out this beer aficionado’s dream…there will be 0 beers from beer conglomerates Anheuser-Busch or Miller Coors. WOB Spokesperson said “There’s an appreciation, passion and history that goes into every beer we pour. We can’t wait for the Valley to enjoy the WOB experience lead by our beer aficionados. Pair the beer you can’t find anywhere else with local live bands and the hip atmosphere, it’s a beer lover’s haven.”


The official grand opening is August 8th, but if you like their facebook page at World of Beer – Tempe, there is a special party on Tuesday the 7th especially for you! They currently have over 5,000 likes so this party doesn’t look to be that exclusive. They will open at Noon and begin pouring the liquid gold that has become as American as Mom and apple pie.

Win This Cruiser from Kona Brewing Co!

Starting at 1pm, the WOB will be having a drawing for t-shirts, draft cards(gift cards), beer classes, beer signs, exclusive beers from Dogfish Head Brewery and Samuel Adams as well as this beach cruiser from Kona Brewing Co in Hawaii.
Another great giveaway is a “lockdown” in the vault. Originally built in 1912 as the Tempe National Bank, the old vault has been transformed into a private room that can comfortably seat 15 people, also included in the lockdown is a 20 beer draft card. Local band, Sol Track Union will be on hand to provide music throughout the night. They blend Top 40 hits with Latin Jazz as well as their own songs.

The official grand opening will be Wednesday the 8th and will be sponsored by Phoenix New Times Magazine and Lagunitas Brewing Co. Opening at Noon to the public, World of Beer will offer special beer flights of Lagunitas ale drafts. Local Alternative Reggae band Black Bottom Lighters will go on at 9pm and carry the party into the midnight hour.

Thursday night brings out the ladies into lagers, the gals into Grolsch, the princesses of pilsners – Arizona’s own Girls Pint Out. All ladies, and the rest of the female populace will receive 1/2 off select drafts while listening to the soothing sounds of Angela Ferrari. Friday night will be the inaugural “First Friday Live” with Jake Dean. On Saturday from Noon-6pm will be the debut of the “Brewery Spotlight” with Four Peaks Brewing and a lineup of six uber exclusive beers. Food pairings will be with my favorite hot dog stand Short Leash Hot Dogs. Short Leash recently filmed a feature for Food Network’s Eat St. and they make some of the best hot dogs that I have ever had. Alternative Top 40 musician Adam Shero will be on hand for the afternoon celebration. Giving back to the community is a true sign that a new business cares and looks to become part of the local culture. Sunday brings out the philanthropic side of WOB with a raffle for a New Belgium Brewery custom cruiser with all proceeds to benefit the Tempe Diablos.


Monday nights will be Service Industry Nights and while I haven’t heard anything about what specials they will be offering, I am sure they will something of great value to those employed in the service industry. Wednesday will be WOB-U (World of Beer University) Day, given its proximity to ASU, World of Beer will be offering half off drafts to college students and faculty from any college. Beginning on the 16th and continuing for six weeks, Thursday will host the Beauty of a Bonzer “Battle of the Bands” charity contest with proceeds going to three different charities.


World of Beer – Tempe

  • They will have loyalty cards, General Manager J.P. Watts says “You get a card, you bring the card in, and you get a point for every time you try a new beer.” There will be prizes for meeting certain milestones but I believe you will be limited to how many different beers you add daily for legal reasons.
  • They do not have a kitchen or sell any food on premises however they will allow you to have food delivered in. They have teamed up with Mill Avenue eateries including Robbie Fox’s Public House, My Big Fat Greek Restaurant and Monti’s La Casa Vieja.
  • There will be no liquor, but I hear the bartenders will make you a nice shot by blending beers. Premium wines and fine cigars will also be available.
  • They will have 23 50″ TV’s throughout the bar and will offer complimentary tailgate food during NFL Sunday games.